Nature Water accept our paper2024-2-20
Saboor was awarded the Outstanding International Graduate of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences2023-6-26
Mengjie Liu is awarded by President Award from CAS2023-6-21
Dr Yaoqing Zhang, Senior editor of Nature Sustainability visited our group2023-3-28
Professor Wenzheng Yu become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry2023-3-15
Ms Mengjie Liu was awarded by Qianyi Scholarship2022-11-28
Dr Zhaoyang Su and Minmin Liu recieve NSFC funding2022-9-22
Ms Mengjie Liu's paper has been accepted by Nature Sustainability2022-3-31
Ms Xian Li's paper has been accepted by ES&T2022-3-12
Ms Qingyun Song's paper has been accepted by WR2022-3-12
Beijing Natural Science Foundation (Wenzheng Yu)2022-1-24
Dr Hankun Yang and BoBo Xing recieve NSFC funding2021-11-16
Prof Yu visited his Alma Mater-Wuhan University2021-10-27
Dr Hankun Yang and Weihua Li finish post-doc2021-8-27
Ms Xuejia Zhang's paper has been accepted by ES&T2021-4-29
Dr Hankun Yang's paper has been accepted by Water Research2021-2-19
Dr Zhaoyang Su's paper has been accepted by ES&T2021-1-2
Xian Li's paper is accepted by WR2020-9-15
The research group won the projects from the national key research and development plan2020-5-15
Dr Bobo Xing's paper has been accepted by Communications Chemistry (Nature new journal)2020-3-8
Dr Hankun Yang's Second paper has been accepted by Water Research2020-2-24
Dr Hankun Yang's paper has been accepted by Water Research2020-1-12
Professor Chuyang Tang from Hongkong University visited our group2019-11-5
A paper was accepted by ES&T just now (Long Tian and Bing Yang)2019-9-23
Dr Su will go to Duke University as a joint post-doc2019-7-29
The work on crystallization of cake layer on membrane fouling is published on npj clean water (Invited paper)2019-7-23
Ms Huimin Zhou's paper has been accepted by Water Research (BIT)2019-3-26
Ms Mingyu Wu's paper has been accepted by Water Research2019-2-24
Prof. Chun Li give a lecture for our group2019-1-31
Dr Xu's paper has been accepted by ES&T2019-1-16
Assistant professor Renzun Zhao at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University give a talk in our group2018-12-28
Dr Zhaoyang Su recieved Second award of post-doc funding from Government2018-11-13
A paper of H2O2 and coagulation on mitigation of membrane fouling was accepted by Water research in recent days2018-11-6
Prof. Jintao Liu from Tsinghua University to our center, presenting his latest research with the title “The dynamic behavior of biofilms”.2018-10-25
Dr Lei Xu Joins our group2018-10-5
Our team's research was reported by Science Trends, a US science website.2018-9-7
Lei Xu passed the PhD viva!2018-9-7
Jinqiang Wang, Ph.D. student from School of Environment, Harbin Institute of Technology, joins our group2018-8-14
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