This research group mainly engaged in the research as follow: flocculation of water treatment, membrane application and organic matter migration and transformation. The research group uses organic matter as a link, involving the source of organic matter (the migration of organic matter in soil, involving microorganisms), the migration and transformation of organic matter in rivers and lakes (involving microorganisms and photochemistry), and the removal of organic matter in water treatment processes (nanofiltration and coagulation), and the effects of organic matter on human health (such as chronic disease). The members of the research group have different backgrounds, such as water supply and drainage, environmental engineering, chemistry, microbiology and mineral engineering.

Nature Communications accepted Peng Zhou's paper 2024-7-19
Nature Water accept our paper 2024-2-20
Saboor was awarded the Outstanding International Graduate of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2023-6-26
Mengjie Liu is awarded by President Award from CAS 2023-6-21
Dr Yaoqing Zhang, Senior editor of Nature Sustainability visited our group 2023-3-28
Wetland-MFC on removing pollutants in the water
The resource of organic matter and its transformation in the drinking water
Particles and microorganism on the membrane fouling in the water treatment
Coagulation mechanism
Wenzheng Yu, professor at the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr Yu has been awarded Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship from European Commission, Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC, No: 736988),Fellow of Royal Society for Arts, manufactures and commerce (RSA Fellow, No: 8287293), Beijing Outstanding Youth Fund, National Youth Thousand Talents Plan, Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of Harbin Institute of Technology, etc. He is an editor board member of Membranes (IF 4.5),Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering and Chinese Chemical Letters (IF 6.67) journal, Associate Editor of Frontiers in Environmental Chemistry (IF 4.581); he is on the list of World's Top 2% Scientists (2021, 2022, 2023) and world's top 100,000 scientists (2022). He has published more than 140 articles in SCI journals as the first / corresponding author (70 papers with IF> 10), including 1 paper on Nature Sustainability, 1 paper on Nature Water, 1 paper on Nature Communications, 53 papers on ES&T and Water Research, and 16 papers on Journal of Membrane Science. The published papers include three ESI highly cited paper, have H-index of 43 and total citation >5000 times. Dr Yu has carried out research on reaction mechanisms and innovative technologies of water treatment, especially focusing on the mechanisms of flocculation and control of membrane fouling in drinking water treatment. Dr Yu got his Bachelor Degree at Wuhan University, majoring in Water Supply and Drainage Engineering. Then he got his PhD Degree at Harbin Institute of Technology (Supervisor Prof. Guibai Li, Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering). During the PhD period, Dr Yu studied at University College London as a joint PhD student (Simon Li Scholarship) supervised by Prof. John Gregory/ Luiza Campos. In 2010, he moved to RCEES, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and worked in the group of Prof. Jiuhui Qu (Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering/ American Academy of Engineering-NAE). At the end of 2012, with the support of Prof. Qu, Dr Yu obtained the Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship from the EU (rate<10%), and worked at the Imperial College London (with Prof. Nigel Graham), UK. In January 2018, Dr Yu returned to RCEES and became a group leader.
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