For abroad students and Post-doc

Graduate Student

We are always interested in recruiting strongly self-motivated students with a background in engineering and physical/chemical/microbiological sciences. Prospective students are encouraged to read through the Research Area page and, more preferably, read a few of publications listed. If then you are interested in joining our research group, feel free to shoot us an email, include your detailed resume and a few lines indicating your specific research interests/publications.

Some graduate student scholarship and Some fellowships  could be applied from Chinese government.
The ANSO Scholarship for Young Talents from Chinese Academy of Science

 Postdoctoral Researcher

Some fellowships could be applied from Chinese Government from abroad.
CAS fellowship could applied (RMB 250,000 per year for two years).
 International Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship Program (Talent-Introduction Program) from China Postdoctoral System

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