Dr. Hankun Yang

2007-2018 Beijing University of Science and Technology, Bachelor, Master and PhD
2018-    RCEES, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Post-doc

1.      Hankun Yang, Jingyu Xiao, Junpeng Shi, Tong Shu, Lei Su, Qingye Lu and Xueji Zhang. A dual-cell device designed as an oxidase mimic and its use for the study of oxidase-like nanozymes. Chem. Commun., 2018,54, 818-820

2.      Hankun Yang, Jingyu Xiao, Lei Su, Ting Feng, Qingye Lv and Xueji Zhang. Oxidase-mimicking activity of the nitrogen-doped Fe3C@C composites. Chem. Commun., 2017,53, 3882-3885


3 Hankun Yang, Xue Wu, Mengjie Liu, Kai Yu, Wenzheng Yu*. Carbon Doped Fe3O4 Peroxidase-like Nanozyme for Mitigating the Membrane Fouling by NOM at Neutral pH. Water Research, 2020, 174, 115637

Hankun Yang, Xue Wu, Lei Su, Yiming Ma, Nigel Graham, Wenzheng Yu*. The Fe-N-C oxidase-like nanozyme used for catalytic oxidation of NOM in surface water. Water Research, 2020, 171, 115491

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