Dr  Lei Xu: Co-PI of Group

2007-2011  Chang'an University (211) Water and Waste water treatment  Bachelor
2011-2014  Chang'an University (211) Municipal Engineering, master student
(2012-2013 RCEES, CAS       Joint master student)
2014-2018  University College Dublin, Ireland  PhD
2018-      RCEES, CAS  Assistant Professor

Research publications
Lei Xu, Wenzheng Yu, Nigel Graham, Yaqian Zhao, Jiuhui Qu. Application of Integrated Bioelectrochemical-Wetland Systems for Future Sustainable Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Science & Technology, 2019, 53(4), 1741-1743

Lei Xu, Chaocheng Wei, Muhammad Saboor Siddique, Wenzheng Yu. Insight into the effect of in-situ galvanic micro-coagulation on membrane fouling mitigation treating surface water. Journal of Membrane Science, 2020, 610, 118234.

Lei Xu; Nigel Graham; Chaocheng Wei; Li Zhang; Wenzheng Yu. Abatement of the Membrane Biofouling: Performance of an in-situ Integrated Bioelectrochemical-Ultrafiltration System. Water Research, 2020, 179, 115892

Lei Xu, Zheng Zhou, Nigel Graham, Mengjie Liu, Wenzheng Yu. Enhancing Ultrafiltration Performance by Gravity-driven Up-flow Slow Biofilter Pre-treatment to Remove Natural Organic Matters and Biopolymer Foulants. Water Research, 2021, 195, 11701


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